Rites of initiation for women and for men

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Who we are – Shematrix

Shematrix is a collective of women and men based in Australia, NZ and the USA with members throughout those countries and also in Europe and Canada. These women and men come together through their love and devotion to a body of work that is based on rites of initiation and known as The Gift – A Woman’s Rite to Herself and The Grail – A Hero’s Quest to the Self.

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What is The Gift?

The Gift is a truly life-changing weekend for women based around a rite of initiation. It is a three-day journey that is transformational and offers the opportunity for major breakthroughs on many levels. This journey takes place in a space that invites healing, self-discovery and the reclamation of our feminine wisdom.

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What is The Grail?

The Grail is a life-changing, transformational journey for men based around a rite of initiation for each man. It is an initiation into the feminine mystery and thus uniquely guided by three women who serve as midwives through this extraordinary and powerful rite of passage.

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