The intention of this page is to support the growth of conscious community in ‘real’ terms by sharing the gifts offered by those initiated in Shematrix events. Listed here are individual and professional services offered by some of our Guides and community members. Shematrix cannot endorse each individual service or product but we encourage the exchange of energy and wisdom that is shared.

Counselling/Energy work

Alima Cameron – Counselling

Available: Worldwide

Alima is available for individual Skype sessions, psychotherapy, counselling, healing trauma and life coaching. Her passion is waking up! She has 35 years experience of working with people, and travels extensively world wide as a Gift Guide and as leader and facilitator of the International Path of Love process.

Alisa Lollback – Holistic Psychologist & Somatic Body Psychotherapy

Available: Sydney

Alisa specialises in anxiety, depression, marriage counselling, relationships, trauma PTSD, addiction and illness/dis-ease of the body. Medicare and health funds rebates available. Clinics in the Northern Beaches of Sydney

phone: +61 (0)4 5850 0412

Bobbie Burdick – Wellness Consultant

Available: Worldwide

Offering support to anyone interested in transforming their health and happiness. As an Independent Associate for Isagenix® and distributor for JuicePLUS+® Bobbie will support you in tailoring a whole body nutritional program to boost your energy, improve mental clarity, and safely lose weight. You are where you are because that is where you choose to be. Is it time for you to take charge of your health?

email Bobbie

phone Maine USA: +1 207 460 7891

phone Australia: +61 (0)2 6684 1918

Ghata Iris Engels – Energetic and Intuitive Healing/Counselling

Available: Worldwide

Energy healing, clearing and channeling sessions, trainings in energy-healing, clearing and past life integration. Ghata is available for Skype sessions, long distance psychic sessions and personal & relationship counselling. She is a certified counsellor with 25 years of experience in working with people in groups and individually.

Inspiration Source – Turning inspiration into innovation

Available: Worldwide

Every person has unique talents and skills and to achieve greatly, we need to use them, use them in a way that works. Look around, notice all the entrepreneurs, leaders, people like you turning their thoughts and words into reality and achieving holistic success. Why not make  the complex – simple and enjoy who you are and what you do by doing the do that really matters.

phone Australia: 1300 307 274

Jeremy Ingham – Guidance

Available: Worldwide

Where are you right now? Where to from here?

Things I have connected with: The Grail, Mankind Project, WA Men’s Gathering, Men in Bali, National Elders Gathering, Avatar, Landmark, Pathways to Manhood, The Menswork Project, Future Warrior, Busselton Men’s Group, M.A.N. Trust your instincts. If you feel drawn … call me.

phone Australia: +61 (0)4 1798 7932

Kisha Burlinson – Guidance

Available: Worldwide

I have been offering many methods of personal exploration for 38 years. Psychic Spirit Guide sessions, tarot readings, personal issue exploration, couple issue exploration – I have many tools for assisting couples who are experiencing challenges. My husband is also skilled if both masculine and feminine viewpoints are needed.

phone USA: +1 970 349 0801

phone Australia: +61 (0)2 6684 7099

Try both.

Kristin Panek – TrueVoice, LLC/Personal Growth

Available: Worldwide

Alchemy is what frees you up to expand to your fullest potential! Private or group consultations, I bring a presence that allows old, dark matter to surface and release into the light. I create and hold a safe space for you to tap into the depths and experience your True Self.

phone USA: +1 630 334 5747

Marsha Haake – Coaching

Available: Worldwide

Supporting people to create inspiring and authentic lives since 1985, Marsha uses an intuitive, varied, and holistic approach based on the needs of the individual or group. She is also a Shematrix Gift and Grail Guide. Available for individual sessions by Skype or phone, and also workshops for groups and companies.

phone USA: +1 773 595 7863

Nirado Griffin – Counselling/The Work of Byron Katie

Available: Worldwide

Creating space for freedom and peace by untangling painful stories, with the amazingly simple and profound ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie in sessions, workshops and trainings. With over 30 years experience working with people and with many practices to share, Nirado is available in person, or by phone or Skype, to individuals, couples, groups & businesses

Sheila Sutherland – Heart and Soul Healing

Available: Worldwide

Offering a unique blend of intuitive energy work and healing practices, which nourishes and encourages people to experience the life they’ve been longing to live.

phone NZ: +64 (0)2 1158 7261

Suzie Balmer – Business and Beyond – Consulting and Coaching

Available: Worldwide

Business and Beyond offers creative solutions for you and your business. We identify your challenges so you can accomplish whatever you strive for in your business and personal endeavours. Consulting and Transformational Coaching. Distance Energetic Clearings for Business and Property.

phone Australia: +61 (0)2 6680 3535 or mobile: +61 (0)4 1317 3760

Trish Blyth – Mediation

Available: Worldwide

Trish Blyth is a mediator. She helps people resolve conflict in their personal lives and business relationships. Trish’s passion is to conduct mediations for people who have a continuing relationship. She helps parties speak their truth to each other so that they can begin to communicate in a new way.

phone NZ: +64 (0)2167 7950

Velvet Eloise Eldred – Arts therapist/Performance

Available: Australia

2012 winner of the Cairns ‘Woman of the Year Award’. My passion is for supporting people to reclaim their personal sovereignty and to build inclusive communities. Counsellor, performer, producer and creative. Velvet’s skill and insight have an uplifting and powerful effect on people who seek her out. Velvet is studying the art of Vigiling to support the dying process.

mobile Australia: +61 (0)4 3821 8839

Professional services

Bobbie Burdick – Burdick & Associates Landscape Design

Available: Australia and USA

Burdick & Associates provides residential landscape design services from its offices on Mount Desert Island, Maine, and Byron Bay, Australia. We create harmonising and enduring settings for clients’ homes by translating their visions into landscapes. We unite built and natural environments into settings of lasting beauty – places where daily life has elegance, convenience, and joy.

phone Maine USA: +1 207 664 0091

phone Australia: +61 (0)2 6684 1918


Daniel Mandel – Music

Available: Worldwide

Might Be You

Might Be You is an album of 12 original folk rock songs that explore relationships and yearning for love. The are heartfelt tender lyrics bring you back to your own emotional journeys. Notable Track: See My Vision is the story of a vision quest into realisation in Costa Rica.



Jongleur is 12 original pop songs. Notable Tracks: Brace Open Love – a healing song that was written from a Tarot reading. Remember Who I Am – a very grounding piece that literally brings me back to myself. Train My Heart – a call to support keeping my heart open with you…

phone USA: +1 510 326 2120

Frank Panek – Panek Photo/Graphics – Graphic Design

Available: Worldwide

Complete imaging services: Photography, Design/Layout, Web Design and Implementation, Fine Art, Enterprise, Product, Editorial, Publishing, Digital and Print Media, location or studio work.

phone USA: +1 630 222 3227

Ghata I. Engels – Guided Meditation CDs

Available: Worldwide

Ghata offers CDs with a variety of meditations and energy work. You can find meditations for relaxation, forgiveness, energy, restful sleep as well as meditations for clearing and balancing your chakra system. The CDs are all spoken by Ghata and the background music is by her husband Kamal.

Nirado Griffin – Graphic Design/ promotional copywriting & marketing

Available: Worldwide

Meet the world with the face and the voice that truly transmits who you are and what you offer. Beautifully created, effective communication for any media. With over 30 years industry experience, I consult, create and present your unique gifts, professionally and beautifully through corporate imaging, logo design, stationery, brochures, book design, copywriting, editing and print management.

Our Jinpa (our generosity) – Sponsoring

Available: Worldwide

Sponsor Himalayan people across Northern India and Bhutan. You can support an individual. We also have a school for Tibetan children and several health projects supporting both allopathic and traditional medicine. Every dollar you offer goes directly to your chosen friend or project. Experience the joys of generosity.

Pantha – Journeys with Pantha – Travel

Available: Worldwide

Pantha has 16 years’ experience taking small groups to visit Himalayan communities in Northern India and Bhutan. The diverse nature of these trips ensures it is both a journey of land and spirit. Visit the heartlands of Tibetan Buddhism, meet amazing people and be welcomed into local community.