The Grail Resources

Of course, the only way to truly experience and know the journey that is the Rite of initiation offered in The Gift and The Grail is to actually do it. Even so, many people enjoy exploring that journey in other ways as well, either before and/or after they’ve been initiated.

In this section there are some resources you can use for that type of exploration, if you choose. The reading list is a starting point and includes many authors who have written about the mystery of the divine feminine. These writings can serve to clarify the experiences people have in The Gift and The Grail, and also relate some of the ancient and timeless foundations for this work. The other resource listings put the Circle, the Rite of initiation, the Sacred Feminine, and the Labyrinth in the context of time, and explain their relevance to the Gift and the Grail. Come play with us. Click here for upcoming events.

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