Who We Are

Since 1996 Shematrix has been expanding and honing its skills in creating and sharing sacred space with hundreds of women and men worldwide. Shematrix is a collective of women and men based in Australia, NZ and the USA with members throughout those countries and also in Europe and Canada. These women and men come together through their love and devotion to a body of work that is based on rites of initiation and known as The Gift – A Woman’s Rite to Herself and The Grail – A Hero’s Quest to the Self.

Our Purpose

Is to ignite global awareness of the mysterious interconnectedness of all life and to cherish each individual as a gateway to infinite possibility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to illuminate and manifest the purpose of Shematrix by providing safe and sacred space for individual and collective transformation. Through the body of work we offer, we inspire a better awareness of and appreciation for the Divine Feminine, and give each individual a deeper experience of themselves.

Our Vision

Shematrix is a thriving, successful, Spirit-driven service organization which shares its profits and resources fairly with its people and is healthy and easily sustainable into the future.

Guardians of the sacred journey

Initially the intention of this collective was to guard the sacredness of the powerful and transformative three-day journey, The Gift, and to make it available to every woman as her birth rite.

After some time of guiding this extraordinary journey for women, there was longing for the men to also experience the gateway into the feminine mystery and the healing and life-changing power of this work – and The Grail was born.

The desire to make this work available to many women and men, and to be guardians of the sacred and transformative space offered in The Gift and The Grail, also created a longing for integrity and truth that is the basis of the Shematrix vision. Our community has grown around those who are guardians and members of Shematrix. The intention of these people is to walk our talk and to do everything we can to be the clearest channels possible for the divine feminine, in the weekends and in our lives, in order to be guides for one of the most powerful initiation journeys available for women and men.

This intention has been, and is, the foundation for a community that endeavours to learn from each other without being held back by hierarchy or separation.

Shematrix honours the wisdom of many wise teachers from many spiritual lineages, but there is no belief system imposed from the outside. The authority is the self, reflected back through many faces, and we are trying to create a space of acceptance and compassion in order for everyone to discover the essential truth of who they are in themselves.

Members of Shematrix are willing to offer up our most human and personal stories – our light and shadow – in order to be allowed access to a gateway into the divine, the transpersonal, the feminine mystery.  We dive in again and again for our own healing and personal breakthroughs and also to support others as they enter the gateway.

Click the link below to listen to Kisha, one of the founders of Shematix, speak about the early days…