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Our Mission

Our mission is to illuminate and manifest the purpose of Shematrix by providing safe and sacred space for individual and collective transformation. Through the body of work we offer, we inspire a better awareness of and appreciation for the Divine Feminine, and give each individual a deeper experience of themselves.

Since 1996 Shematrix has been expanding and honing its skills in creating and sharing sacred space with hundreds of women and men worldwide.

Shematrix is a collective of women and men based in Australia, NZ and the USA with members throughout those countries and also in Europe and Canada. These women and men come together through their love and devotion to a body of work that is based on rites of initiation and known as The Gift – A Woman’s Rite to Herself and The Grail – A Hero’s Quest to the Self.

The Gift

A Woman's Rite to HerSelf.Step into the sacred and meet your true essence.
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The Grail

A Hero's Quest to the Self.Meet yourself as you never have before.
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Cycles is an opportunity for women to review the many stages and phases of your life.
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A powerful and insightful set of tools to take charge of your life.
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Mystery School

A training for women in deeper exploration and sacred space that has potential to deliver you beyond your current sense of what is possible.
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What people say about our experiences

Cycles, the name itself is a journey. What was a beautiful, easy weekend – simple in its approach and at times light-hearted – was facilitated with grace, knowledge and laughter. For all my adult life I had a phobia that had begun in my child/maiden years. After cycling through my maiden and the other archetypes of a woman I have found my phobia has gone. I no longer have the reactions either.

The weekend proved for me a deep, transformative and healing journey. My learnings were precious and, amazingly, some transformations immediately tangible.Thank you for this work , I would recommend it to all women.

Tracey, Port Moresby PNG

“I loved this! It was worth it! I feel like this saved me!” “I don’t have to live with negativity, loneliness and separateness. I can use (the tools) … instead of ruminating on negative thoughts and to realize compassion – this is huge for me.”

Daniel Mandel

A wonderful way to explore beliefs and to broaden my conscious awareness of how I choose to create my life. I left with some amazing tools which I use when I am seeking clarity, reflection or to come back to a more loving and open heart space. I highly recommend for both women and men.

Sheila Sutherland

The Gift led me to discover and nurture my inner strength and resilience that has made emotionally hard situations easier to navigate. The space created in the Gift weekend allowed me the security to just BE, and in doing so, I found myself again.

Kat S. Gift participant

The Gift weekend for me was the most significant grounding experience I have ever had in my life. I think life has a tendency to pull you in a million different directions at once and through the work we do at the Gift, I was able to take a step back and assess which elements in my life were still serving me and which ones were not. It gave me the opportunity to reclaim my power and encouraged the exploration of all that I was capable of. The experience and things I discovered about myself and my power throughout the weekend is something I will never take for granted and I’m so relieved I found a space that truly lets me do that.

Clare P. Gift participant

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