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Celeen Woodbury

In my experience the Gift and the Grail are the most efficient use of time and sacred space for getting down to the essential business of waking up, coming home to self and evolving as a human being. These weekends are a practice in self-responsibility allowing for deeper connection to authenticity and fuller expression in the world. As a Shemartix guide, these events continue to deepen and inform me, and I have become kinder, more compassionate with myself, and with everyone and everything I encounter.

I love the connections that are formed in the weekends and I love nourishing and strengthening these connections to build ever-expanding community.

Joanne Kurts

The first time I came to a Gift I reclaimed my feminine nature.  It was a sense of belonging, of connection to mother earth and coming home to myself. I feel more authentic, more real and honest through doing this work and I love that I know that there is a place where I can be seen in my dark, and my light. For me it is a place of recognition, healing and transformation. The learning from each weekend enables me to be more present with myself, with others and to hold space in my life, especially in times of crisis.

The alchemy of the people present in the weekend and all that is offered into the space makes me more humble and more compassionate for the human condition and I feel less alone. I have found my own unique way of being rather than trying to be something or someone else.

Lisa Fain

I do this work because I love the authenticity I experience in this space. The depth of sharing and realness I feel and see inspires me –nourishing my heart and soul. These rites of passage transform me, and I have witnessed metamorphosis in others. The human spirit and heart I experience and witness here are awesome. I do this work because the discoveries made in this space fill me with joy. I am honored to be witness to these transformations and discoveries. In my profession, I witnessed and assisted in the tranformations of women giving birth.
Being present in this space fills me with the same sort of amazement, gratitude, awe and wonder. I treasure each being and the kinship I experience in this space. The ripples of the “pebbles” dropped in this sacred “pond” are my offering for change in the world.

Kisha Burlinson

This work is still special to me after all these years because it does such an amazing job of allowing people a sacred container in which to do big pieces of “ritual let go” and realignment with their desired future. Because this work uses the collective energy to actualize the leap of consciousness for each individual it works so much better than any work we can do on our own. What I see over and over again is that being together in this enhanced space allows the soul to take a leap in a way that is rare and extremely valuable.
A magical, altered space is created in our weekends that cracks through to the essential love and connection that is possible between us in a very intimate but safe way. I so enjoy seeing people lighten, brighten and they leave full of new possibilities and a clearer vision for themselves and their loved ones. This is the kind of change and soul awakening I live to help create.

Sheila Sutherland

The work of Shematrix is very dear to my heart and is my playground for spiritual self-care. I share my reverence for this work in deep appreciation for the many blessings it has bestowed on me. Being a part of this work has helped to empower me and step more into my natural leadership style, while enjoying self-mastery of life. To be fully accountable and self-responsible for how my life creates. Being part of a conscious and inclusive community, with women and men, has enriched my life in so many ways. Being able to contribute my skills fulfills my sense of purpose, to something bigger than myself.
I love witnessing the amazing transformations that happen on the weekend events. This work proves to me time and again, to be a safe container for diving into the deepest places of myself, to search and explore, without projection or judgement. I bring my loving and compassionate heart, my love of working with people, and holding unconditional space for transformation to occur. I bring my deep trust that the space does, and can, hold it all. I bring my integrity and dedication to doing whatever it takes to keep living my life with love, authenticity and kindness.


” From the beginning of Shematrix in 1996 and continuing today, there have been a myriad of people who have contributed to this work and its growth in a multitude of ways, weaving their thread into the living tapestry that is this collective. They include co-founders, community members who offered their knowledge and skills, team members who ensured that our events happened and were run according to impeccable standards, Initiates who told their friends and family members about the possibilities available in this work and encouraged them to attend, Mystery School members who took on responsibility to manage necessary organisational tasks, those who donated to our Pay It Forward Fund so that others could get financial support to attend when needed, and on and on.
We offer our deep gratitude and appreciation to each person who has contributed their talents, enthusiasm and heart to Shematrix to make it what it is today.”

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