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Mystery School

Shematrix is a constantly evolving collective of women and men. Each of us has entered the deeper mysteries of ourselves through the rite of passage offered in The Gift or The Grail events. We have committed to further this form of work as a portal to greater connectedness, love and consciousness on this planet.

What is The Shematrix Mystery School?

Since 1998, we have offered training in how to hold sacred space and how to show up more clearly for ourselves and in deep service to others. Together we are called to share this transformational opportunity with ever-widening circles. This has been a deep journey of commitment for all of us. Being part of the Shematrix Training has been an essential step in the journey for all women who are now qualified as Guides to facilitate the work in The Gift and The Grail. The Guide level training is a separate ‘invitation only’ path.

We are responding to the calls from our expanding communities by offering Shematrix trainings on a regular basis. We have been asked to create more ways for individuals in our communities to flourish in their connection with this beautiful source of authenticity and soul-nourishment that is the work of Shematrix. We are very excited to be offering a whole new style of training in the coming year. We welcome you to join this Mystery School and become part of this exploration of our humanity and our connection to spirit. Together we will celebrate our deeply individual journeys within our spiritual community.

Shematrix Training Level 1

Shematrix Training Level 1 is 2 year commitment to practise self-reflection and self-responsibility by participating in a community through various events – locally, nationally, (sometimes internationally as an option) – in physical presence and online.


To qualify to apply for the Shematrix Training Level 1;

  • You must have attended at least one Gift weekend.
  • You will also need to complete the ClearFlame training.
  • You will need to be familiar with The Work of Byron Katie –, and have attended at least one weekend event or
    had 3 individual facilitated sessions.

Please note

The Shematrix Mystery School Training Level 1 is only available to women, though we do have avenues for men to participate in associated courses and their involvement in the evolution of this work is valued. Men are welcome to attend Clearflame trainings and are encouraged to participate in the work of Byron Katie. There will be future opportunities for men to attend other courses as part of the Shematrix Mystery School.

Joining the Shematrix Mystery School

As the name implies, it is a journey into the mystery and as such the path cannot really be described in linear terms, yet there are very real reasons for joining this training which has clear steps and structures with tangible outcomes.

People come into the training for many different reasons. For some it is about bringing the energy they experienced in The Gift more into their daily lives. For some it has been about expanding their consciousness, deepening self-trust, connecting with intuition, or understanding how to align with and trust spirit guidance. The deepening relationship with the self inevitably improves all relationships in life – allowing more compassion, respect and increasing confidence to speak and act from our authenticity. This willingness to take responsibility for oneself frees up so much of the time and energy usually spent in habits of comparison and competition, and people have subsequently created deep bonds of trust and mutual support within their communities. This training is life-changing.

At this point the Shematrix Training is only available to women. Women have come into this journey at all different points on their path and by utilising the skills and practices we offer, many speak of unimagined insights, empowerment, and reaching levels of their potential that they didn’t even know existed. Learning about celebrating the sacred and holding space for life in new ways has opened many to the magical, in relationship to everything and everyone.

Within the training, as we are all evolving together, there is always a new reflection, a new opportunity for opening in our dance together. Being involved in the Shematrix Mystery School Training is an opportunity to be part of a group of women using the reflections of each other and our own self-exploration to become more of who we want to become. As we travel together, the training will keep meeting each of us wherever we are in each moment. It has the potential to deliver you beyond your current sense of what is possible.

What can you expect to share and learn in Training Level 1?

  • Deeper understanding of the intention behind the practices in The Gift weekends and how to bring the gifts of those practices
    more tangibly into all aspects of your life.
  • Knowledge about ritual and the practical skills for bringing the power of ritual into your daily life.
  • Developing awareness and trust of the physical body as a guide to self-awareness.
  • Opportunities for self-reflection and insight within a community of people who are oriented to their personal evolution as a priority.
  • A deeper understanding of the dynamics of personal responsibility.
  • Practices to bring awareness to the power of communication and how it affects all relationships, and the skills to share responsibly
    without compromising your truth.
  • Learning how to deliver feedback in a constructive way and receive feedback gracefully.
  • Awareness of your capacities and claiming your unique strengths, skills, attributes and talents.
  • Support from and on-going connection with a community, with opportunities for continuous skill enhancement of your particular gifts.

Included in the 2 year journey of Training Level 1? Training Level 1 Intake Weekend

(residential costs additional)
Held in a residential setting, this is the foundation event to establish the core practices and dive whole-heartedly into the shared journey together.

  • Friday evening 5pm to 8.30pm
  • Saturday 9am to 5pm
  • Sunday 9 am to 4pm

Two day training events

(There are two of these events included over the duration of Training Level 1)

These two day events are designed to deepen the practices in physical company with the coaches, Guides and Training community.

Online sharing community

The invitation to reflect, self-investigate and share in a cyber-circle through answering a written questionnaire has proved an invaluable tool for staying in connection with the evolution of self and the collective. This is optional but highly recommended.

Audio Library

(with access to an MP3 recording to download)

As a deepening of the journey, you will have access to audio’s of talks and meditations by qualified Guides for you to enjoy anytime.

Access to training debrief meetings with Guides after events

As a member of the Mystery School, while attending any Gift events, whether on team or as a participant, you are eligible to attend the special training debrief meetings on the Monday after the event. These provide for invaluable training and insights on the shared journey. Many people have shared that these can be the most transformative part of the whole journey!

Details for intake in to the Shematrix Training Level 1

  • $3500 –  if paid in full 2 months before Training 1 event
  • $4000 – if paid in full prior to Training 1 event
  • $4450 – comprising $2000 paid before start of Training 1 event & $350 quarterly for 7 quarters

(additional credit card fees apply)

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