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The Gift – Events

The Gift is a truly life-changing weekend for women based around a rite of initiation. It is a three-day journey that is transformational and offers the opportunity for major breakthroughs on many levels. This journey takes place in a space that invites healing, self-discovery and the reclamation of our feminine wisdom.

Women create together, and experience, the extraordinary magic of sacred space.

Women who have attended this event describe their experience:

“For me it was a place to be heard, validated, loved, cherished and to be given space to find true meaning in my life. I feel it was a place to heal my heart and to support healing and truth about myself.”

“In this task filled, pressured life, this is a place of safety where I can be my “true self” and see others the same way. Shematrix is an organisation that has supported me in continuing to explore the deeper parts of myself and my life.”

“I describe it as one of the most powerful transformational weekends out there. Also, the best money I have ever spent, I invested in myself!!!”

“The best event I have ever attended, thank you very much.”

Open and Beautiful.

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