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The Gift – A Woman’s Rite to HerSelf.

The Gift is a truly life-changing weekend for women based around a rite of initiation. It is a three-day journey that is transformational and offers the opportunity for major breakthroughs on many levels. This journey takes place in a space that invites healing, self-discovery and the reclamation of our feminine wisdom.

Women create together, and experience, the extraordinary magic of sacred space.

The life-changing experience of creating sacred space for women only.

Each woman experiences her own uniqueness, power and beauty in her personal rite of initiation. During the weekend, she is also witness to other women’s rites and thus receives her essence as they step into their rite of passage and healing.

In these weekends women rediscover and embrace their own voice, their own unique power and magic, while experiencing true sisterhood and the possibilities that arise in a women’s collective.

Rite of Initiation.

The rite of initiation in The Gift asks us to let go of something that doesn’t serve us anymore, and to courageously step away from the old to embrace the new, the unknown, the mystery. This work is not a workshop in the usual sense, but a journey into the feminine self – the unique mystery of woman and the magic of self – without hiding anything.

It is an opportunity to open our hearts to ourselves and fully embrace all of who we are as women. Maybe now is your time to join us and discover parts of yourself that you may have never even dreamed could be there; parts of yourself that you may have hidden from yourself or didn’t dare to explore.

Open and Beautiful.

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