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The Grail – A Hero’s Quest to HimSelf

The Grail is a life-changing, transformational journey for men based around a rite of initiation for each man. It is an initiation into the feminine mystery and thus uniquely guided by three women who serve as midwives through this extraordinary and powerful rite of passage.

The three-day weekend is challenging, and requires courage and the willingness to meet the unknown. It also requires that each man feel his longing to meet his own unique essence, his most authentic and essential nature. It is a reclamation of part of a man’s soul and allows tremendous healing and transformation.

This space allows each man to be held in the most loving and sacred space as he explores any limitations, fears and wounds he wants to move beyond. Infinite opening is then possible.

A powerful transformational breakthrough for men only.

Each man is welcomed to a powerful breakthrough and the possibility to welcome his wild and instinctual self, his full potential as a man.

Each man’s own rite of initiation, as well as being witness to the journeys of others, allows him to find right relationship to himself, his body, his loved ones, his community and the earth – symbolised in the image of the green man that is used for The Grail. This archetypal figure stands in many cultures for rebirth into male power in harmony with nature and the feminine.

Jordan Hackett speaks to his experience
of The Grail - A Hero's Quest to HimSelf

Be Part of A Brotherhood.

Many speak of a homecoming, a self-remembrance, a deeper grounding in their own masculine being, and a life-changing experience through this weekend journey. There can be a new and deeply satisfying experience of ongoing brotherhood. The Grail offers a vast and limitless, healing and safe space that can hold anything, and offers the most amazing and unique transformation.

Confident and content.

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